About Screw Houston Start Screaming

Music that hits you harder than the explosion in Apollo 13.

Hardcore that sounds like commander Jim Lovell losing his cool.

That’s what this Dutch five-piece is all about.

Hence the name: Screw Houston, Start Screaming!

No wonder these guys happen to cause quite a stir

in both the national and international scene,

right after their inception in February 2009.

Inspired by the likes of Gallows, The Ghost Of A Thousand,

The Hope Conspiracy and Modern Life Is War the band released

a self-titled EP (currently sold out) in its first year of existence.

Screw Houston, Start Screaming! did over 100 shows with acts like

Touche Amore (US), Pianos Bocome The Theeth (US), Death By Stereo (US),

Brutality Will Precail (UK), Bastions (UK), The Carrier (US), Fucked Up (CA),

Through This Defiance (US), Holding On To Hope (US), The Setup (BE),

Midnight Souls (BE), Fights & Fires (UK), John Coffey (NL), My City Burning (NL).

After the release of the 2011 concept album “When Trumpets Fade”, the band is now back

with a rocking three track 7” single. “A Gentleman Will Never Tell” will see the light of day

on September 28th, and will be released on transparant vinyl by

White Russian Records (Meet The Storm, Striking Justice) and

No Panic! (Crime In Stereo, This Is Hell).

After the last release, released by 5 Feet Under, Blackheart Inc., Black Death, the band

toured extensively thru Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

With the new single, a small preview of what’s to come next

in the shape of a new full album, the band continues to play

their brand of ‘heavy-as-fuck’ hardcore. “

The previously present twist of Rock ‘n’ Roll and melody has been explored

more in depth, and the songs are a bit more personal

then the previous effort.” according to singer Roelof de Brouwer.

For those who like their music digital: the band’s new monster will be

made public thru the German label Acuity Music, who takes care of Let It Burn Records

as well, and therefor has a large network and experience, thanks to working with bands like

The Departed, AYS, Anchor and The Havebrook Disaster.