About We Set Our Dreams

We Set Our Dreams was founded in 2011 Stuttgart, Germany by Patrick Takacs (Vocals, 1990) and Anthony Bissinger (Guitar, 1991).  Soon they´ve met the right musicians to achieve their german-american style of metalcore / post-hardcore.

Together with Peter Maderthaner (Guitar, 1991), Nicolas Clair (Bass, 1990) and Jannick Schütz (Drums, 1993) they´ve released their first single "A Place Called Home" combination with a music video in 2012. It was recored and mixed at "Pitchback Studios" and mastered by Joey Sturgis. The Debut EP "Humanity" was produced, recored and mixed by Aljoscha Sieg and mastered by Brian Hood. 

We Set Our Dreams live their music and enjoy every moment on and off stage. They entrain their fans with the emotion provided live and on CD.