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Human Touch is no longer a band


Although there's already a long list of bands that decided to quit or broke up in 2016, the list is only getting longer and more personal. After Light Your Anchor, also our boys in Human Touch, who released their 'True Justice' EP and their first full length 'Mental Chill' on Acuity.Music, have decided to put things to an end.

"To get to the point right away: Human Touch is no longer a band. 

During recent talks about the future of this band we realised that it wasn't possible anymore to find common ground, so we mutually decided that it would be for the best to call it a day. 

A sincere thank you goes out to all the people who helped us keep doing this - Be it to release or record our music, to book a show for us, to create a shirt design, to capture us with a camera or just to appreciate our music. You know who you are and we couldn't thank you enough! 

On a final note, keep supporting young, fresh and upcoming bands, small shows, labels and zines. Especially, consider getting involved. 

See you around! 

- Philipp, Andreas, Flip, Andy and Christian"

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