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Light Your Anchor: All these days are dead


Sad news from the Light Your Anchor camp:

"Franz Kafka once said "Roads grow out of going them" and our time has come to leave this path. We've reached the point where we don't see any progress for us in this band. And what's mankind without evolution!?

The last couple of month been pretty hard for us. Not being able to play shows with all members and as a full band because of disease was very frustrating for everyone. Also our future plans are drifting apart. Anyways we had great years and met a lot of amazing people on this journey. People we call our friends and family now. We traveled a lot and been to places we've never thought we would ever be able to go. Played awesome show with a lot of positive energy and love given us from the crowd. The most important thing for us is: We go as friends, we go as a gang. That's why there will be one last EP/DVD release and a final tour! Until then, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Light Your Anchor in any way. Labels, Bookers, Promoters and so on. We will miss you. Thanks to everyone who ever bought a ticket, a record, represented our merch on the street and of course for the sing a longs the stage dives and the sweat! We love you all <3

Better go and see these guys during their last ever tour!

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