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Listen up: we're happy to announce yet another band joining the Acuity.Music family! Let's meet A Point Of Protest, a melodic hardcore band hailing from Antwerp (Belgium), that appears to be ready to take on the world. They will be releasing their brand new EP 'Lost Voices' on Friday October 16 through Acuity.Music!

"A Point Of Protest took a break back in 2012. We were lost. We were stuck. We weren’t progressing and we were letting issues and personal frustrations take the best of us and suck up the motivation and energy we once used to invest in being a point of protest."

"So we took a step back, talked all of this through and took the necessary decisions for this band to make sense again. We couldn’t let this take the best of us. We could not give up on what we stand for, on what we believe in, because we wouldn’t just be giving up on ourselves, but also on them. The lost voices."

Lost Voices’ was recorded in Cambridge, Nederbrakel (Much Luv Studio) and Antwerp, and mastered by the one and only Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios (Cologne).This is it. Don’t get scared now!

We were just kids…” - Lost Voices #MMXV

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