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Problems SolvedBy: Storyteller
Recovery EPBy: Up North
Kaleidoscope (HWS)By: Holly Would Surrender
The MessBy: Benthic
IrrlichterBy: NAECHTE
ReleafBy: Mel T Eyes
Mental ChillBy: Human Touch
Famine & ThirstBy: Hollow Sons
One Life - One Lie - One DecisionBy: DRIVE
Color the WorldBy: Waves Like Walls
Lost VoicesBy: A Point Of Protest
Passing TimeBy: EARL GREY
GezeitenBy: Monoshoque
Confessions of TodayBy: Entitled
The Mess InsideBy: Off The Hook
HomefiresBy: Light Your Anchor
Black CloudsBy: No End In Sight
Dirty Sheets (Single)By: Storyteller
IcebreakerBy: The Southern Oracle
One Hundred DaysBy: One Hundred Days
VersesBy: Various Artists
ValleyBy: Myra
Bad Blood / Sleeping SoulBy: Sharptongue
HarbourBy: Glass Promises
Dead to MeBy: Remover
[HTH/LTH]By: The Southern Oracle
Rêverie CultBy: In Circles
Void of IllusionBy: In Circles
True JusticeBy: Human Touch
The Path of AgesBy: AYS
Wreck My SoulBy: AYS
Schoene Neue WeltBy: Skeletor
Indian SummerBy: Light Your Anchor
The Ache of LoveBy: Stubborn
BystandersBy: Bridges Left Burning
The PortalBy: Tide Has Turned
Choking On PrideBy: Giver
Without RoadsBy: One Reason To Kiss
Still Kids At HeartBy: Refuse to Sleep
ConnectedBy: Welcome Karen
A Survey in 11 DivesBy: Storm and Stress
Triumph Of Time / Corruption Of The BodyBy: Code Blue Coma
Worlds ApartBy: Challengers
KaleidoscopeBy: Choose Your Path
Of Hope And FaithBy: Until September
Frontier SpiritBy: Storyteller
BelieverBy: Their Decay
The Butcher SistersBy: The Butcher Sisters
AfterlifeBy: Deserving The Rain
So Far So GoodBy: The Lost Boys Club
A Gentleman Will Never TellBy: Screw Houston Start Screaming
SouvenirsBy: Fountains
Deliverance By: The Focus
To All Those Who Walk...By: April Uprising
Fan The FlameBy: Various Artists
ThirstBy: Hollow Sons
BackflipBy: Backflip
The PaybackBy: Abandon The Past
Gläserne AugenBy: Kalypso
Steal The CrownBy: The Departed
White CrowsBy: We Need Guns
My Name Is By: Leo Jonas
HumanityBy: We Set Our Dreams
HopesickBy: Light Your Anchor
ThirteenBy: Sharptongue
GuillotinesBy: Wasted Struggle
Dandelion HillBy: Reminders
11:55By: Almost Failed
Nothing Left to SayBy: Entitled
Weather the WorldBy: The Haverbrook Disaster
MMXIIIBy: Madison Affair
Once Upon A TimeBy: If Destiny Remains
Walking with GiantsBy: Venom in Veins
Fall And StandBy: Light Your Anchor
Suburban HazeBy: AYS
The Chosen FewBy: The Haverbrook Disaster
Take Me Home EPBy: Storyteller
The WalkBy: Off The Hook
ConversationsBy: Vitja
Judges and ButchersBy: Dyst
Everything You Say Is Just How Bad Things AreBy: Hell and Back
Day DrinkerBy: Ian Stuart
JanusBy: Lars Lykken
Lack Of Resistance / DeliveranaceBy: Deliver
Turning TidesBy: Various Artists
RedemptionBy: Shinto Katana
Inside OutBy: Alex Sauer
SourcesBy: Virtue Concept
Set Sails for the StarsBy: A Week Of Sundays
I Am Not AfraidBy: Final Prayer
GegenKultBy: Empowerment
Ciphers (Special Edition)By: Max Rebo Kids
The CountessBy: Poison My Blood
Peter Pan Syndrome (Special Edition)By: Light Your Anchor
RehumanizeBy: Elude The End
Die Stadt gehört den BestenBy: Marathonmann
Teenage TimeBy: Madison Affair
The Summer TriangleBy: Till We Drop
HellwakeningBy: The Southern Oracle
DoradusBy: Bear
Lambs Turn Into Lions (Special Edition)By: Are Those Your Friends
BerlinBy: Final Prayer
RecoveryBy: Anchor
The Ten Count E.P.By: The New Recruits
Hopeward BoundBy: The Haverbrook Disaster
Years of Angst and ValorBy: The Blackout Argument
Tighten The ScrewsBy: Angers Curse
HypnopaediaBy: Unveil
There's No RegretBy: Hordak
Take Me HomeBy: Shiner
The Great NorthernBy: Poison My Blood
Bound To SamsaraBy: Teamkiller
AntarcticaBy: To Kill
Best Of TimesBy: Final Prayer
The EscapeBy: Black Friday `29
s/tBy: Teamkiller
Black Friday 2009By: Black Friday `29
The Pursuit Of HappinessBy: Black Friday `29
Smile Like A WolfBy: The Blackout Argument
Ten Angry Men (Split w/ UNDER SIEGE)By: A Traitor Like Judas
Vitriol (re-release)By: Fear My Thoughts
23 (re-release)By: Fear My Thoughts